What do Australians think of the outcome of their formal performance appraisals?

How do you make the performance review process work for you?

 While a few businesses have ditched the performance review process completely, most hold on to it in some form or another. When such a system is not managed well it can cause issues within a workplace, but when it is conducted regularly, consistently, transparently and with ownership equally spread between staff and management, it can make a truly positive difference.

 SEEK research revealed that almost half (48%) of Australians who do not have any form of performance appraisal system at work wish they did. Their achievements and efforts would be better recognised, they say, and opportunities for development and advancement would be formally identified.

 One in three of those without appraisals say the lack of performance review actually holds back their career progression.

For Australians who do receive appraisals at work, 82% see value in feedback on their performance, and interestingly,

58% say the process highlights areas in which they need to develop

42% say it helps inform future goals

30% believe it impacts possibility of pay increase

25% say it impacts possibility of keeping their job

13% do not know of, or do not think there is, an actual outcome of their performance review.

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