Need or want affordable business tools?

SME's are by their very nature time poor, every hour not carrying out invoicable work is potentially wasted. However SME's are also aware that certain business tools would in fact serve them well if they had the time to consider the ROI. In fact they know they need them, they know they want them and they are fairly sure their business would be in a far better position if they implemented them...... So why don't they.....Time, Money and what will bring the best return quickly with little or no hassle?

Without doubt staff cost is usually the greatest expenditure for a business, so this would undoubtedly be a great place to start. Jan/Feb/Mar is the busiest time for recruiting companies with employees seeking new opportunity, the loss of a valued staff member at the beginning of a new year be that calendar or financial can be a big blow and burden on a company, the loss of productivity, the cost to recruit, re-train etc. etc. Whilst this will always be a risk in any business there are really affordable mitigations you can put in place to reduce the risk. I will come to the 'plug' later.

I am sure many small businesses would really like to have if they don't already capability to

1) create complaint legal documents 'on the fly' and have them be SMART so the system asks all the relevant questions and you only have to provide the answers and you can produce contracts, forms, letters, processes and procedures E.G. letter/contract of employment, warning/termination letters, Redundancy packs, Non disclosure agreements, shareholders agreements etc. and you want to be able to do this without the use of a lawyer and the associated costs and be able to order on demand with no contract or commitment.

2) create a business plan for the next 12/24/36 months with a descriptive interactive template

3) Create up to date Position / Job Descriptions with appropriate competencies and be able to do this on the fly with a 'wizard' to guide you every step of the way and at the end be able to publish to a job board or email / print.

4) have a full cloud based HR service to hold all employee data, including a full employee easy to use appraisal review system that has suggestive text and assists at all stages in the process to assist managers and supervisors at any level in the business even if conducting reviews for the very first time.  Significant dates, such as licence to practice, probation period, length of service or Birthday's etc. plus many many other features

5) Company policies and procedures always need adding to and reviewing to remain compliant, especially on Workplace Health and Safety issues as an example, with access to a repository of 50+ HR and 50+ general (plus a wizard to help create your own should this be necessary), policies and procedures this would prove so valuable, easy to click on and an auto send to all or appropriate employees for compliance acceptance.

If you are a Small, Medium, Enterprise or Franchise business and you have read the above and given me 5 mins of your time and you need or want  all or any of the above at a truly affordable price then please just email me