Start the New Year NOW with employee feedback

To achieve feedback from your employees you can start right now, Jan 2017 or 1st July 2017 (fiscal) but why wait? act refreshing would it be to have all your employees give you feedback on what they think could to be done to improve your/their company to achieve greater results and at the same time obtaining a 'temperature check' on your employees, their wellbeing together with an understanding of what they are seeking, therefore ensuring you retain your top talent.

Within our DirectionalHR service we include at no additional charge a 'wellbeing'  and a 'Workplace health and safety' survey to name just two. So in short your employees will, via the wellbeing survey, help you to improve and guide you to the actions that need to be taken....then via a comparison re-survey in 3-6 months, provide an analysis to check you are succeeding.

Now what could be better than that, as a present for Christmas or a new years resolution, to have open and honest feedback from your team/s on how to improve your business and employees.....