Performance reviews for SME businesses

We know we don't have a performance review process.......

We know we should have a performance review process.........

we know our employees would benefit from a performance review process.......

So why are we not deployed one??

With all the contradicting opinion relating to performance appraisals, should they be continual, monthly, bi-annual, annual or even at all.. it is my humble opinion that a conversation with the boss, regarding the direction of the business, the part the employee plays within the team, the training and development required to ensure growth of the company and the individual, are all valuable and important steps to ensure the health of a business.

So, call the process what you wish in your company, noting that this is probably one of the most important and valuable uses of  time and we all know that SME's are time poor, so make this one of the top three activities and watch your employee engagement issues diminish and the involvement and commitment increase.

This regular focus and structured conversation with your employees, engaging them in the business will pay off in so many ways,  helping to retain key staff members, therefore no loss of knowledge or recruitment fees, involved and engaged employees contribute more, with ideas for growth, better methods of working or even offering some extra hours because they know it will be appreciated and help their career prospects.

So knowing that the process will bring value at every turn, why do up to 77% of SME businesses not have this addressed in their business?

Again in my opinion...........

-They are not sure where to start

-They are not sure how to align goals and competencies

-They are not sure how to conduct reviews and capture the results

This is the feedback we get day after day, so a quick sales pitch......

We have the answers, a feature rich HR and Business Compliant suite of cloud based services with pre formatted text assist helping at every turn and at a truly affordable price.

• Companies with employee engagement programs achieve 26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, compared those who do not have formal programs (Aberdeen, October 2015).

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