Profit Leakage from Australian SMEs

Feedback to us from our clients and potential clients is the statement "How can using your service help prevent profit leakage?" or in other words "How can we make more profit by deploying your service of cloud based HR?"

Well these are just four ways which have been articulated to us.....

- We make you more compliant, so less or no fines from courts or legislative bodies and confidential HR material is not held on your network but securely in the cloud. We also have a repository of circa 280 on line documents, forms, letter, contracts, processes and procedures, this alone may well save many thousands of dollars...

- We help prevent accidental or purposeful leave theft with an on-line leave request and approvals process, fully date stamped and auditable, no more paper requests that never seem to make it to the appropriate person in payroll.

- We help you to retain employees with capture and conversation documented related to 121's, KPI's or objectives to assist with focus, development and training, this saves recruiting costs to hire new employees, the non productive time between the employee leaving and the new person being fully engaged and the re-training to ensure the competence and compliance.

- We assist with the 'end game' for SME' businesses, by providing a single secure cloud based repository for your confidential employee related data, so no more multi storage solutions of filing cabinets or folders on laptops, no security breaches and all employee data is in a single place when you decide to on pass or sell your business in the future.

These are just a few areas that we have identified with our clients where spending a very small amount each week can deliver great ways to prevent profit leakage.

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