How do you like to be developed? And save Thousands of $ at the same time

How do you like to be developed?

Many people say 'micro-Management’ is what drove them to leave an organisation, others state their reason for leaving as lack of training, development and general direction, some speak of little or no coaching and mentoring and this applies to apprenticeships in my humble opinion as well… Is there a plan in place for learning and development of employees or maybe just some that have been specifically identified?

In your company is it treated seriously? Is it conducted in such a way as to be truly beneficial? How will you measure the success? What will be the outcomes and what can employees expect to be more proficient at when reviews take place? How will employees know if they are at an acceptable standard? When will they be trusted to go alone on this specific learning? How does one specific skill match with the next and what will the end result look like? and how will they know when they are fully competent?  

So many questions indeed, however if you are serious about developing your employees then I am sure these are just some of the questions that need to be addressed, and again I am of the opinion that SME businesses have the upper hand as the teams are usually smaller and the deliverables more visible and tangible example being grow the business with three new client orders a month, rather than as an example increase ROI year on year.

The easy way to achieve this is with continual documented planned training, development, goals, objectives, coaching, mentoring added to ‘on the job’ experience (hands on) this is what really works to engage employees and gain their loyalty and a two way trust that will deliver commitment and improved results in spades.

Retaining quality people also saves money, you will not have recruitment and all the on boarding costs and fees for new hires saving thousands of dollars.

For a very small outlay for a cloud based HR service to capture and review progress, accessible by employees and managers alike will ensure superior outcomes.

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