Goals and objectives

Will you meet the expectation of your employees?

 With guiodence from the owner/s or the Board, those responsible for HR, HR professionals or Managers that have a team should be, or have been planning for the year ahead and detailing how best to support and communicate to all the companies employees where the company is going (the plan/the direction), the role the individuals will play, how this will be achieved with the desired behaviours that need to demonstrated and the end result with any reward and recognition that is associated with the achievement. In summary where we are going, what role can and will you play, how will we achieve this and what does the finish line look like.

As an HR professional or Manager of people how are you placed to ensure this is adopted and understood by every person in the company, how do you ensure the framework is in place, individuals feel engaged and understand how it all fits together, the role they play and how will they know when they have arrived?  This is what your employees expected.... and it is your task to ensure this is availed to them to ensure they are trained and developed so that the business can meet and hopefully now exceed its goals.

In my humble opinion this is where small and medium businesses can take a massive leap over larger and corporate companies in that this can be a very simple exercise, a meeting of all staff to explain where and what the company will be doing and going for the year ahead, followed by one on one sessions with each employee to agree goals/KPI's or objectives plus any applicable training or development needs, this is the what part they play, in the how to get there and how this fits into the end result for the company. The key word here is 'simple' no HRMS system with large workflows, just open and honest documented conversations / activity, all completed in less than an hour.

This is where access to a 'cloud' based HR service can assist, in that it can be accessed by the employee and their manager at anytime so that the goals/ objectives that have been agreed, written up and entered into their personal repository can be read and comments made at anytime from any web enabled device.

Remember when setting the goals / objectives to use the SMART method as this ensures good understanding Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

You don't need good luck you need an immediate engagement of the workforce and the rest will be a breeze.

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