Accidental Leave theft.........

Accidental leave theft costing Australian small & medium business $millions

Accidental leave theft could be costing Australian small and medium business millions of dollars a year. In recent discussions with many Sydney based businesses – accidental leave theft has surfaced as an important HR issue for many owners/Managers/Directors

How accidental leave theft can happen?

Take an average sized business of 30 people, there are 600 days of leave to be tracked and recorded by someone in the business. If that same business uses an Accounting Payroll package and paper based leave forms for the 30 employees, with a heavy work load if 5% of leave is taken without the paper request being processed in the Payroll this is 30 days of accidental leave theft at an average pay rate of $35 an hour this could be a loss of $40,000.oo of profit lost to the business. Paper forms can be easily lost or simply mislaid. While unintentional it is still costing business – is your business leaking profit from this area?

Reducing the issue of accidental leave theft

“In our discussions with many Sydney based businesses what became apparent was the opportunity for accidental leave theft to occur."

“DirectionalHR has a cloud based system which provides an easy, exceptionally cost effective way of managing leave requests with an audit trail which goes a long way to solving accidental or in fact purposeful leave theft. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month per employee, a business can manage in the cloud their employees leave, keep important HR documentation and assist business with their compliance obligations plus many additional inclusions related to the management of their employees via a single employee based cloud repository.” said Gary Kendrick, Co-Founder and Director at DirectionalHR.

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